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Thom Mocarsky Bio

Thom Mocarsky is the former investor relations exec, PR practioner and marketing communications guru for Arbitron, the pioneering firm for TV and radio ratings.

He worked at Arbitron during the TV meter wars with Nielsen, the radio ratings battles with Birch, and the three-way duel among the supermarket scanner researchers. He helped introduce the industry to the infamous Portable People Meter and held the hands of nervous investors during its tumultous rollout in the top 50 markets.

Before joining Arbitron, Thom traveled up and down the dial to TV stations in Boston, Hartford, Pittsburgh and finally in New York City, where he created audience promos for local CBS programs, particularly Channel 2 News (“Boy, what a bunch of Newsbreakers!”)

Thom started his media career as a broadcast engineer during TV’s analog era, holding an FCC “First Phone” back when it really meant something. Today he gets his technical fix as an early adopter of consumer digital gadgets and geegaws.