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Net Neutrality

FCC’s Wheeler vows he won’t let up on broadband policies

June 26, 2015 11:17 am

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler’s message on Friday was simple. When it comes to broadband policy, he’s right and his opponents – primarily the “big dog” Internet service providers – are wrong. Wheeler’s speech at the Brookings Institution was his [...]

Promises: Charter files its public interest statement with FCC

June 25, 2015 5:06 pm

Charter Communications filed its public interest statement with the Federal Communications Commission, which will review the company’s $67 billion deals to buy Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. The Department of Justice must also approve the deals. The company, which is poised to the [...]

Is it internet throttling or is it just a traffic jam?

June 24, 2015 5:46 am

And if it’s a traffic jam at the connection point between an internet transit firm and a “last mile” internet service provider, who pays for the tow truck? Preliminary data from the Internet Health Test, a crowdsourced study of internet congestion by 300,000 Internet users, [...]

FCC gets first net neutrality complaint

June 22, 2015 8:13 pm

Commercial Network Services, a small San Diego-based IT services and webcam provider, filed a net neutrality complaint against Time Warner Cable. The filing is the first complaint the FCC received since its open Internet rules went into effect on June 12. The Washington Post first reported last [...]

FCC’s proposes to fine AT&T $100 million over unlimited data plan

June 17, 2015 1:08 pm

It was déjà vu for AT&T, but not in a good way. The Federal Communications Commission said Wednesday it planned to fine the company $100 million for failing to inform consumers that their unlimited data plan wasn’t really unlimited. The same AT&T “unlimited” plan also drew the wrath [...]

First net neutrality complaint could be from Commercial Network Services

June 17, 2015 8:56 am

Everyone in Washington is waiting for the first complaint to be filed under the Federal Communications Commission’s open Internet rules which just went into effect last Friday. While many expected Level 3 or Cogent to be among the first, those companies have been busy cutting interconnection [...]
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