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Consumers using net neutrality as club to beat up ISPs at FCC

In the first month that net-neutrality regulations have been in force, consumers have filed about 2,000 complaints at the Federal Communications Commission against Internet service providers such as Comcast and AT&T, according an article published Thursday by National Journal.

The bulk of the complaints covered in the article demonstrate that the average consumer has little or no understanding of what net neutrality is supposed to deliver. The most common complaint appears to be data caps, which are not banned by the new rules.

“Our data should not be capped at 350 mbps!!!!  Please, please make data caps illegal!!”

“By Comcast having this data cap, I don’t have a open Internet …”

“I have to tell my kids to stop using YouTube and other services and stuff they need for school so we don’t go over the cap…”

According to National Journal, the FCC estimated the total number of informal complaints filed in the first month of the new regulations and provided copies of 50 of those complaints to National Journal as an initial response to a request submitted under the Freedom of Information Act. Public comments on proceedings and formal complaints are available on the FCC’s website, but the agency does not routinely make informal consumer complaints available.