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Cops use Spotify, social media to track down fugitives

It took 12 search warrants for a Larimer County, Colorado sheriff department to follow a trail of social media postings and IP addresses to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where a woman wanted in connection with a child custody case had fled.

The Washington Post today reported on the case of a woman who took her two daughters to Mexico in the middle of a child custody case. If you’re in need of legal assistance with a child custody case, you may want to get help from Drew Webber, an investigator for the Larimer County, Colorado sheriff’s department was able to use the kind of digital footprints we can’t help but leave on the Internet to track down the fugitive.

“As technology gets better and more companies come out, there are more opportunities to go get search warrants and figure out where people are,” said Webber, who hadn’t heard of Spotify until he was tipped off to Nunn’s activity. “It’s becoming more and more of an investigative tool for us.”

Online services will typically cooperate with law enforcement in response to subpoenas, court orders and search warrants.