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FCC to fill in the privacy protection blank spaces of its net neutrality order

The FCC will start filling in the blanks of its Net Neutrality order with a privacy workshop on April 28.

When the FCC last month reclassified the Internet as a common carrier service, it expanded Title II’s strict privacy regulations that currently govern telephone services to ISPs and mobile providers. What was not in the order were specifics of how the FCC would apply its expanded privacy authority to Internet services.

Wheeler said earlier this month, during DC’s annual Tech Prom, that the commission would hold workshops “to deal with broadband privacy issues for the newly classified telecommunications service providers.” The announcement of the promised workshops dominated the hallway chatter of attendees at the 2015 ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference underway today in Georgetown.

The Net Neutrality order applies section 222 of the Communications Act to broadband Internet access services. It requires telecom carriers to protect customer information. It also puts restrictions on how carriers can handle customer proprietary network information (CPNI). The workshop is scheduled to discuss how the FCC can apply these statutory privacy protections to broadband Internet services. An additional topic: can the FCC harmonize its privacy approach across all the services it oversees.