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ICANN transition comments due September 8

The final ICANN proposals to transition control of key Internet functions away from the current U.S. supervision are ready for comment, an important milestone in the process that was put into motion a little over a year ago.

Comments are due Sept. 8 for the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) Stewardship Transition Coordination Group’s (ICG) proposal and Sept. 15 for the the Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on Enhancing ICANN Accountability.

“It is particularly important that stakeholders everywhere evaluate whether these plans meet the criteria that we have said must be part of the transition,” Lawrence Strickling, assistant secretary for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, wrote in a blog post Tuesday.

The U.S. agreed in March 2014 to hand over control of IANA to ICANN when the current contract expires in September, a deadline that will slide until about June 2016, ICANN officials estimated at the group’s June meeting in Buenos Aires.

Based on comments, ICANN is expected to finalize the proposals in October, during the group’s next meeting in Dublin.

Congress got close to passing a bill that would give it some oversight control of the final plan, which will be reviewed by the NTIA. The bill, known as the DOTCOM Act passed the House and the Senate commerce committee in June, but Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) put a hold on it keeping it from a Senate floor vote.