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“Lights! Camera! Drones!”

Source: Aerial Mob

Expect more spectacular aerial footage in your favorite TV shows and Hollywood movies. The Federal Aviation Administration has relaxed its drone rules and Hollywood is ready to fly more cameras drones.

Operators who have previously received clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration to use camera drones will no longer need a “mother, may I” for each and every drone flight, as long as the drone is operated under 200 feet and according to previous restrictions for drone operation.

The relaxed rules were released by the FAA Monday, the day before members on both sides of the aisle at a Senate commerce subcommittee hearing pressed the Federal Aviation Administration to move faster on drone regulation.

When the FAA first issued exemptions to a limited number of camera drone companies in September 2014,  Senator Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association  called the announcement, “[A] victory for audiences everywhere as it gives filmmakers yet another way to push creative boundaries and create the kinds of scenes and shots we could only imagine just a few years ago.”

Hollywood’s first use of drones was in December 2014 on the set of “The Mentalist”, a CBS police procedural produced by Primrose Hill Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

Drones had been quickly embraced by Hollywood as they grew in capability an sophistication.

“Skyfall” (2012) and “Transformers: Age of Extinction” (2014) both used drone footage, however, production companies had to shoot drone scenes in Europe, Canada or Asia.