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Regal joins AMC in MPAA anti-piracy campaign in theaters

Phillip Boutte, Jr., costume illustrator from "I Make Movies", the MPAA anti-piracy trailer

Coming to even more screen near you: the Motion Picture Association of America  (MPAA) series of  trailers to raise awareness for, the industry’s web site for finding legitimate sources of movies and TV shows online.

The “I Make Movies” videos will now be running on 569 Regal Theaters in 42 states, as well as the 300 AMC theater locations and a handful of regional chains that helped launch the campaign last week. The series spotlights the movie workers behind-the-scenes: a costume illustrator, seamstress, picture car coordinator, carpenter, and set designer.

Internet piracy has haunted the entertainment industry for years, costing studios billions. Efforts to find a legislative solution to remove pirated films from the Internet were rebuffed a few years ago, forcing the industry to find a more consumer-focused solution.

By putting a human face on behind-the-scenes movie industry jobs, the MPAA hopes to drive home the point that stealing content on the Internet hurts millions of ordinary people. The tag line “Where you watch matters” points viewers to

“Each year, and this year in particular, audiences flock to theaters to see incredible stories told on the big screen. This latest effort will help inform those movie-goers that watching films in theaters and through legitimate online services is important for supporting the kind of creativity exhibited by the nearly 2 million American men and women that work in our industry,” said MPAA chairman and CEO, Sen. Christopher Dodd.

Regal, AMC and the other theater owners are running the videos pro-bono. With theater attendance on the wane, exhibitors have a vested interest to get more butts in the seats.  U.S./Canada admissions in 2006 was 1.4 billion, by 2014, admissions slipped to 1.27 billion, according to the MPAA.