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Here’s the court schedule for net neutrality challenge

The cable and telecom Internet service providers challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s open Internet order are now on the clock. The D.C. circuit court released Monday its “expedited” schedule for the closely-watched case, (United States Telecom Association, et. al. v. Federal Communications Commission) which could mean the court will hear oral arguments on net neutrality as soon as the end of this year.

The expedited schedule:

July 30: Petitioners to file opening briefs.

August 6: Intervenors in support of petitioners, such as Tech Freedom (granted intervenor status on Monday) to file briefs.

September 14: Respondents, the FCC and the U.S. must file their opening briefs.

September 21: Intervenor briefs in support of respondents file briefs.

October 5: Joint reply brief of petitioners and intervenors due.

October 13: Final briefs.

The soonest the court would schedule oral arguments would be 45 days after the briefings are completed.

The petitioners:

United States Telecom Association, Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, American Cable Association, CTIA – the Wireless Association, AT&T, Inc., and CenturyLink, Alamo Broadband, Daniel Berninger, and Full Service Network.