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NTIA convenes meetings on drone privacy

The government-led multi-stakeholder meeting process will convene its first meeting to begin hammering out best practices for drone privacy on August 3.

President Obama called for the meetings in February to ensure that as drones take off in the market, commercial and private drone operators respect consumers’ privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties.

The meetings will be facilitated by National Telecommunications and Information Administration, a division of the Commerce Department, which ran similar meetings for mobile app privacy, and most recently facial recognition.

NTIA received more than 50 comments on drone privacy and transparency, which will be used as “the basis for the group’s initial discussions,” Angela Simpson, deputy assistant secretary for communications and information wrote in a blog post announcing the first meeting.

The NTIA’s process has not been without controversy. Privacy advocates have criticized the meetings for being too cozy with industry stakeholders. Recently, privacy group representatives walked out of the facial recognition meetings.

During recent Congressional hearings , the Federal Aviation Agency demurred on all inquiries regarding privacy, pointing to the NTIA and its multi-stakeholder process as the appropriate venue for the privacy discussion.