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How the candidates fared on Facebook on announcement day

When a presidential candidate tosses the proverbial hat in the ring, friends, fans and detractors take to Facebook with likes, posts, comments, and shares. Facebook has been providing Katy on the Hill with a steady stream of “day-of” stats for the nearly two dozen presidential candidates who have announced as of July 22.

You can search, sort and expand the data table to see how the candidates fared on Facebook by any one the three metrics provided by the company.  (Search for [R] or [D] to segment the list by political party.)

Facebook activity for announced presidential candidates
Day of uniques, day of interactions and average daily uniques in prior 3 months

CandidateDay of uniquesDay of InteractionsAverage priorDate
Cruz [R] 2,200,000 5,700,000 70,0003/22/15
Paul [R]865,000 1,900,000 67,0004/7/15
Clinton [D] 4,700,000 10,100,000 270,0004/12/15
Rubio [R]695,000 1,300,000 25,0004/13/15
Sanders [D]592,000 1,200,000 47,0004/30/15
Carson [R]847,000 1,500,000 63,0005/4/15
Florina [R]304,000 515,000 11,0005/4/15
Huckabee [R]458,000 814,000 59,0005/5/15
Santorum [R]169,000 266,000 10,0005/27/15
Pataki [R]59,000 81,000 1,0005/29/15
O'Malley [D]84,000 120,000 3,6005/30/15
Graham [R]84,000 142,000 12,0006/1/15
Chaffee [D]20,000 27,000 6/3/15
Perry [R]422,000 763,000 32,0006/4/15
Trump [R]3,400,0006,400,00039,0006/16/15
Bush [R]493,000 849,000 85,0006/15/15
Jindahl [R]316,000 542,000 20,0006/24/15
Christie [R]482,000 803,000 42,0006/30/15
Webb [D]49,000 81,000 2,0007/2/15
Walker [R]679,000 1,578,000 66,0007/13/15
Kasich [R]156,000 261,000 7,0007/21/15

Day of Uniques: In the 24 hour period between 12:01 a.m. ET and 12:01 a.m. ET on the day of the candidate announcement, the number of unique individuals who generated interactions (likes, posts, comments, shares) related to the candidate and the announcement

Interactions: The count of likes, posts, comments, shares related to the candidate and the announcement

Average prior: Average daily number of people who generated chatter for the candidate in the 3 months leading up to announcement day.