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Promises: Charter files its public interest statement with FCC

Charter Communications filed its public interest statement with the Federal Communications Commission, which will review the company’s $67 billion deals to buy Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. The Department of Justice must also approve the deals.

The company, which is poised to the third largest multichannel video provider and the second largest broadband provider, promised lots of goodies for regulators if they decide to give the merger the green light.

“As proof of its intention to continue pro-consumer strategies, New Charter [the name of the combined three companies] is making legally enforceable commitments that put consumers first.”

At the top of the list, Charter said in a document Thursday it will commit to go beyond the FCC’s net neutrality order by agreeing “not to impose data caps or engage in usage-based billing.” The company said it will also continue to engage in “reasonable and non-discriminatory interconnection fees.” If there is a dispute, Charter said it will submit them to the FCC for resolution.

The company also plans “significant” investment to its broadband network.

Subscribers to TWC and BH can expect faster Internet speeds and unlimited and affordable broadband. Charter said it plans to bring its new 60 Mbps entry-level broadband speeds to TWC and BH, a service that has “no data caps, no usage-based pricing, no modem fees, no early termination fees, and does not pass on federal or state Universal Service Fund fees to customers.” It will also bring its 300 Mbps service to TWC and BH.

Charter said it will make investments across the board, transitioning all networks to digital, increasing in-home and out-of-home WiFi.

After Comcast got slammed for customer service when it tried to buy Time Warner Cable, Charter made a point to commit to “invest in customer care.”

Like other merger applicants, Charter promises more U.S. jobs, specifically promising to bring back from overseas Time Warner Cable call center jobs to the U.S.

The FCC open the docket (15-149) for the review of the merger earlier this week.