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Senate bill to allow online warranty notifications

Senators Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) introduced new legislation to allow manufacturers to post warranties online instead of fine-print inserts in a product’s packaging.

The E-Warranty Act would clear up the uncertainty around current Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules by explicitly allowing manufacturers to meet their warranty notice requirements though a web site or other forms of online access.

For consumers who prefer printed versions, the bill requires that manufacturers provide—on a product’s packaging—a  phone number, postal mailing address or other means to obtain and review warranty terms.

A number of consumer notification requirements are moving from the physical to the digital.

The E-LABEL Act, also sponsored by Fischer and signed into law in 2014, allows consumer electronic manufacturers to meet certain regulatory labelling requirements using the displays screens of the products themselves.

The FCC is considering two changes to its rules for required notifications. One would allow stations to disclose the terms and conditions of on-air contests using the station’s web site and the second would let radio stations use the web to give listeners more of the information about the companies that sponsor music and sports programming.