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T-Mobile on spectrum auction: “Last opportunity to level the playing field”

T-Mobile 1Q 2015 earnings conference call

Ever the upstart, T-Mobile told investors again Tuesday that it “plans to be a player” in the upcoming auction of the 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum.

The number three wireless carrier, which touted its aggressive plans to expand its 4G LTE footprint to cover 300 million Americans, said that it would “love to see it [the auction] as soon as possible.”

T-Mobile also continues to push the Federal Communications Commission for a reserve of 40 MHz of spectrum for smaller carriers to bid on in the incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum.

AT&T and Verizon collectively hold 73 percent of the low-band spectrum, considered the “beach front property” of spectrum because of its coverage and propagation characteristics.

“There’s way too much low band spectrum in the hands of the big two. This is the last opportunity to level the playing field in wireless,” Legere said Tuesday during the company’s earnings call.

Sucking up to the FCC just a little, CEO John Legere said he was confident the FCC  was capable of taking steps to bring more competition to the wireless market.

“One of the things we’ve learned out of Washington, if DC sets its mind to it, you can be sure we will have it,” said Legere.  “Based on the track record we’ve been seeing out of Washington, we expect that to happen [in early 2016.]”

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has said multiple times he plans to stick to his schedule to hold the spectrum auction in early 2016.