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T-Mobile’s Legere: We will be successful in incentive auction

T-Mobile 1Q 2015 earnings conference call

T-Mobile CEO John Legere didn’t push as hard as he has in the past for the Federal Communications Commission to increase the amount of spectrum it will set aside in the incentive auction. But he’s still holding out hope.

The FCC will vote Aug. 6 on a mobile spectrum holdings item that will be the final word on the reserve. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has indicated that the FCC won’t increase the reserve from 30 MHz to 40 MHz as Legere would like.

On the company’s quarterly earnings call Thursday, Legere softened his rhetoric, sounding a lot more like Wheeler who has reminded everyone publicly that previously there was no reserve.

“There’s a tremendous amounts of things still to be done [on the incentive auction]. It seems to be remaining on track. For the first time ever in an auction, there will be a reserve set aside for the small carriers, which is a big success. There is a remaining question if it’s 30 or 40 MHz. That’s a significant win,” Legere said Thursday during the company’s quarterly earnings call. “I’m pushing for the 40.”

The incentive auction, tentatively planned for March 29, 2016, is looking good for T-Mobile, Legere said.

“All I know, in past two weeks, Verizon says they aren’t sure they are going to pay, they don’t need to play. I’m really cool with that. Dish might be limited,” Legere said.

“We are showing up. We are playing and we will be successful,” Legere said.