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The Presidential campaign slugfest on social media

The Fox News/Facebook GOP debate tonight is the first big TV event of the 2016 presidential campaign. In the months-long run up to the much-anticipated debate, social media the main platform for debate and discussion about the policies, the goofs, the gaffes, and the here-in-my-home-town appearances of the men and women seeking their party’s nomination for the presidency.

Facebook has been tracking the stats for the number of people chatting about the candidates, and the number of likes, posts, comments and shares made about a particular candidate. The social media giant has release a summary of stats in advance of the Fox News-Facebook primetime debate.

Facebook campaign chatter

May 29 through July 28, 2015

CandidateUnique PeopleInteractions
Bush [R]5,339,00016,197,000
Carson [R]2,690,00011,097,000
Chaffee [D]228,000330,000
Christie [R]2,167,0004,668,000
Clinton [D]11,799,00060,640,000
Cruz [R]3,431,00016,628,000
Florina [R]896,0002,610,000
Graham [R]1,500,0003,473,000
Huckabee [R]2,776,0009,880,000
Jindahl [R]2,083,0004,910,000
Kasich [R]652,0001,277,000
O'Malley [D]541,000989,000
Pataki [R]273,000412,000
Paul [R]2,539,00010,867,000
Perry [R]2,445,0007,264,000
Rubio [R]1,779,0005,131,000
Sanders [D]5,476,00035,130,000
Santorum [R]1,511,0003,105,000
Trumo [R]26,243,000135,573,000
Walker [R]3,132,00011,355,000
Webb [D]301,000791,000
The chart shows the number of unique people on Facebook in the U.S. engaging in the conversation about each of the candidates – as well as the number of interactions those people made. Interactions are the total aggregate number of likes, posts, comments and shares made about a particular candidate within the timeframe. The interactions figure includes not only the activity on the candidate’s page, but all of the likes, posts, comments and shares about that candidate from throughout the Facebook ecosystem in the U.S.


Google has been routinely reporting fun facts about candidate and political searches.  Their stats confirm the Trump effect, with immigration as most searched election 2016 policy issues from July 29 to August 4.

Most searched Election 2016 policy issues on Google

July 29 through August 4, 2015

3Same-Sex Marriage
6Health Care
7Gun Control
8Climate Change
10Foreign Policy