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This is my last post for Katy on the Hill

Dear readers of Katy on the Hill:

This is my last post. I am closing down Katy on the Hill.

I started this site in March because I saw a need to connect the technically evolving media and advertising businesses to Washington politics and policy.

I still believe there is a need for journalists to explore that nexus. But except for the occasional freelance and consulting work, it won’t be me. I am moving on.

I didn’t do this for money. Katy on the Hill was always a labor of love. I am a true child of the media. I love broadcasting. I love advertising. And I marvel at the irony of tech companies trying so hard to become the media.

I have so many hopes for the businesses I have covered:

I hope broadcasters realize they are the original wireless medium. I hope they embrace ATSC 3.0 and use the new broadcast standard to position their business as the newest digital platform.

I hope advertisers continue to support media so that Americans can always enjoy free access to news, entertainment and information.

I hope tech companies, especially the ones supported by advertising, realize they really are media companies and have a responsibility to the audiences they serve.

I hope Washington stays out of the way. I hope it doesn’t destroy free over the air broadcasting. I hope it doesn’t put so many restrictions on digital advertising that we would be forced to pay for the content that advertisers currently underwrite.

Most of all, I loved being my own brand. It all started as a Twitter handle. I will still follow the business and you can still follow me on Twitter.

Thanks so much for all your support. I love all of you who have read my stories, provided me with your ideas, and corrected me when I made mistakes.

It was fun.