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Title II advocates file against net neutrality stay

Deny the requests for a stay of the open internet order—so asked a coalition of nearly two dozen tech firms, internet companies and advocacy groups, which filed an opposition to the stay in the DC Court of Appeals today.

Their lead argument: those who are seeking the stay will suffer no irreparable harm or injury. As evidence, they cite Comcast’s own words from its May 16 earnings call with investors—“On Title II, it really hasn’t affected the way we have been doing our business or will do our business.”

“Granting a stay of the rules would cause real harm to Internet users, organizations, and businesses of all kinds, and would be contrary to the public interest,” John Bergmayer, senior staff attorney at Public Knowledge, said in a statement.

The FCC is expected to file its opposition to the requested stay of its open internet order late this afternoon, giving attorneys on both sides of the argument plenty to read while flipping burgers during their Memorial Day cookouts.

Filing in opposition:

Center for Democracy & Technology
Cogent Communications
Credo Mobile
Demand Progress
DISH Network Corporation
Fight for the Future
Free Press
Level 3 Communications
National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates
Netflix, Inc.
New America’s Open Technology Institute
Public Knowledge
Union Square Ventures